‘Joanne’ – It’s Nice To Meet You, Stefani Germanotta

“Young, wild, American/ Lookin’ to be somethin’/Out of school go-go’n\For a hundred or two” — “Diamond Heart” The opening of Lady Gaga’s sixth album, Joanne starts with single guitar chords and a driving bass pedal that acts as a metaphor. I would picture Gaga gazing out of a hazy window and driving down the interstate. Singing the lyrics that give a brief synopsis of where she has been and the trials she has overcome. 2013’s Artpop continued the extravagance of Gaga’s aura, but there was a po

A Day To Remember ‘Bad Vibrations’ Album Review

Getting out of your comfort zone can be a tricky and nerve wracking thing. After A Day To Remember‘s 2013 release, Common Courtesy and their ongoing legal battle with former record label, Victory Records – there would be no truer words than the saying, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”  Retreating to an isolated cabin west of Fort Collins, Colorado, the band set out to embark to record their sixth album, while we wondered where the band can go from there. Throughout their 13 year care

Krewella ‘Ammunition’ EP Review

In 2016, the EDM landscape has evolved a bit – in some cases, fully merging with other genres like pop and hip hop. This is a genre that was just considered adolescence, glow sticks and crazy costumes aside, is now fusing itself in the DNA of all of your favorite songs. Krewella gave their first proper offering in 2013 with Get Wet. The Yousaf sisters tackled hard style, electro, drum and bass mixed with catchy choruses and vocals to spawn hits like “Killin It” and “Alive”. It was a project that

Lana Dey Rey – Honeymoon by M.J. Rawls

2014’s Ultraviolence, was a conceptual album that found the marriage between Lana Del Rey’s wistful style and Black Keys Dan Auerbach’s production. The main characteristic that bridges all of Rey’s compositions are that they are unapologetic ally  honest and tragic. They leave you wanting for the “heroine” to gain some sort of reprieve or release from the hopeless devotion of bad men and the love that acts like a chain rather than a bridge. Honeymoon, Del Rey’s forth album continues the trail of