ALBUM REVIEW: Chance the Rapper – Coloring Book - SA Music Scene

“I don’t make songs for free/I make em’ for freedom/Don’t believe in kings/believe in the kingdom” – “Blessings”. “It’s funny how things can come full circle in music. Chance the Rapper cites Kanye West as one of his big inspirations in rap music. Where West is a huge influence in his music, you can now see that same influence is being reciprocated. It’s almost as if West is looking at his younger self, manifested.  “Ultra Light Beam,” the powerful lead song off of Kanye West‘s The Life Of Pablo

ALBUM REVIEW – Beyonce – Lemonade - SA Music Scene

One would say that every time Beyonce releases an album, it’s an event. It’s grandiose display of well-tailored talent and perfectionism with each release. The 2013 self-titled release saw Beyonce dive into her more explicit and sultry overtones. As we go on throughout her career, she pulls the curtain back even more which makes her even more relatable – where for most of her career, she is elevated to almost legendary status. There’s strength in the breakdown – the newest album, Lemonade is not

In Defense Of The Journalists - SA Music Scene

My daily commute on the New Jersey transit system has become my best friend and my arch enemy at the same time. If you have ever been subject to one of the glamorous and timely details it brings then you know what I’m talking about. Many times after work, I find myself vaulting over traffic, pedestrians, and potholes like the bricks in a Mario game just to get to the express train. Always the window seat – trying to divulge into what album or song I have to review that week on the way to photogr

It’s “Minutes To Midnight” All Over Again : The Bring Me The Horizon Conundrum - SA Music Scene

“Oh no, I’m losing my band!” The vigilant cries from YouTube comments populated within minutes of Bring Me The Horizon posting their third single, “True Friends” on August 25th. I found it interesting that Bring Me The Horizon has been stating that they wanted to be a “gateway” band like Linkin Park. We are about a week before they release their latest album, That’s The Spirit and the three songs they have released has shown a shift in their sound – more so from 2013’s Sempiternal.  “Happy Song”