'Camila' Is A Reintroduction Filled With A Personal Touch and Epiphany

“Crying in the Club,” the first solo song from Camila Cabella was the world’s first teaser in what was to come from the 20 year old singer – or was it? It’s a mid-tempo sultry dance track that sampled part of Christina Aguilera’s “Genie In A Bottle” for the chorus. Going from a group to solo act encompasses a whole new set of challenges. The heat of the spotlight is just on you alone and the world has to get acquainted with that person – sans a career that feels like a separate entity. “Crying

Jay-Z's '4:44' Shows That Our Heroes Can Fall, Rise, and Teach From An Epiphany

When we think of talent diminishing over time, we look to the aging sport star. Often, the Michael Jordan/Washington Wizards parallel is used. In retrospect, although he wasn’t suspending our disbelief in gravity in his youth, Jordan was still effective when he ended his career at 40 years old. Every once in a while, there would be a burst of speed. The fadaway jumper was still working. (He still averaged 20 points and was the only Wizard to play all 82 games.) No matter the time period, it’s th

Review: Nine Inch Nails – ‘Not The Actual Events’

There have not been as many bands who have done so much within being in the background as Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor and, now full-time member, Atticus Ross have flexed their collective, creative muscle with music scores from recent films such as 2014’s Gone Girl and the recent 2016 documentary, Before The Flood. “A Minute To Breathe” is a tranquil track featuring Reznor’s soft voice intertwined with melancholy piano and faint electronics as a last plea from the ever-dire situation with Earth

‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’: Writing The Wrongs of Prequels’ Past

Back in 1999, Episode 1: The Phantom Menace graced movie screens across the world in an attempt to broaden the horizons of that galaxy far, far away. There were some good moments, but mostly themes like trade deals, the Sith not really being as present as the title indicated, and yes, THAT “Gungan” character that bogged down the movie. Considering that the original trilogy happened about 20+ years prior, there was an entire generation that was enamored of the original space western that George L

Review: Radiohead – ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’

The last couple of Radiohead album releases have been unorthodox before our conventional streaming method as of late. In Rainbows introduced the “pay what you want” model, The King of Limbs had a special “newspaper edition” that wanted to reflect the natural decay of living things, and A Moon Shaped Pool saw no interviews conducted with a deletion of all social media beforehand. A video for the lead single, “Burn The Witch” and away we went anticipating another album release. Our newest offering

Single Review: PVRIS “You and I”

If there’s anything I can say about PVRIS’ debut album White Noise, both in a sonic and visual sense it’s that the band has put their own creative stamp on alternative music. Call it electro-pop or even post-hardcore, but there’s something very endearing and natural about the band. The songs and the videos both feel like they are congruent to each other. “You and I,” the single of the deluxe edition of White Noise seems to be the epilogue of the era. It holds true to the themes that we love abou


I almost have a love/hate relationship with The Walking Dead as a series. Just when there are some episodes where I scratch my head in bewilderment and about to jettison to another show, they rope me right back in with a great episode. “No Way Out” is no exception to this rule as it was straight up carnage from the word go. Bam! Boo! Slash! The cold open which was our epilogue before we went on break was the best way to introduce us back into their characters. There are a couple themes within th

Movie Review: Deadpool

After I went to see Deadpool, I told a friend of mine that Deadpool is the inappropriate joke that I both wanted to tell and be. For a long time, there was a question of if this movie was ever going to be made. The test footage that was leaked in 2014 had fans like myself in a frenzy to hold on to hope that there was still a chance. When the movie initially got green lit, many people questioned if the movie would hold true to the very gritty and vulgar nature of the comic. Deadpool not only make

The Big Pow-Wow: Marvel vs. DC at the Movies

There have been many trailers, synopses, and spoilers (hopefully not so much), but in a couple of months, the movie blockbuster face off will be set to take all of your money. DC and Marvel are finally going to throw their strongest material in the ring and fight for box office supremacy. We are going to ignore the 2011 Green Lantern movie (that did not exist). Going into this, I’m going to breakdown each entity, tale of the tape style to see where they match up. I’m going to break up Marvel int

Film Review: ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

In 1977, I was but a twinkle in my mother and father’s eye, so I did not get to experience the pandemonium of Episode IV: A New Hope first hand. Of course I have seen the original trilogy (all versions), but my first real theatrical experience with the Star Wars franchise was with the negatively received prequels. For better (or worse), they furthered my interest into the story’s ethos and heart, but I still felt that everything was incomplete especially with the comic and novel stories. In thos