Great Good Fine Ok Speaks On "GGFOUR" and Processing Loss Into Creativity

New York synth-pop duo, Great Good Fine Ok‘s fourth EP, GGFOUR has been released to the world. In talking to vocalist Jon Sandler as the band was en route to an Atlanta tour stop, there was a sense of both relief and excitement. Excitement because there is always that emotion present when you are about to release music. Relief from a sense that he was able to process what he was going through into an eclectic and funny body of work. GGFOUR makes you both want to dance and to reflect on things.

Marianas Trench Take You Through Their Haunted Opus With 'Phantoms'

When you listen to Phantoms, the fifth album from rock band, Marianas Trench, it feels like the makings of a haunted house film. Certain sounds that may spook you and entice you to explore deeper. All these layers that have you walk in with all the trepidation of a scare coming. In one of their most ambitious projects yet, the band is able to portray a haunted place with more than meets the eye. With layers and a meaning of love and hope as well. We caught up with drummer/vocalist Ian Casselman

Oxymorrons Discuss "Brunch," Not Conforming To One Genre, and Life As An Indie Band

Since their first mix tape, 2009’s Better Then McDonaldʼs, Oxymorrons have been on the forefront of combining every genre of music that has inspired them into one project. We spoke to vocalists/brothers Dave “D” Bellevue and Ashmy “KI” Bellevue about their latest single, “Brunch,” the band’s various influences and how they tackle them, and the pros and cons of being independent. Like you guys, I like hip-hop music, but I’m into rock music as well. Your music serves as a bridge between those

Hawthorne Heights Talk the End of Warped Tour, "Bad Frequencies," and Longevity

For 17 years, Hawthorne Heights have been a mainstay within the post hardcore genre. Bad Frequencies, their first album in five years, plays like a moving diary of lessons learned and adventures on the road. We talked to singer/guitarist JT Woodruff about their newest record, the end of Vans Warped Tour, and how the band has maintained their longevity. The end of Warped Tour is near. You guys made a mini-documentary chronicling your experiences there. I’ve been to many Warped Tours and seen

Mad Hawkes Speaks About First EP, "Undone," Evolving, and Their Journey

Releasing your first complete project can be both an exciting and anxious time. With Mad Hawkes’ first EP, Undone, which contains a rock-like spirit mixed with a groove-oriented sound, there’s a confidence built by the four-year journey that led up to this release. We recently spoke with the band about Undone and the evolution of the band and the songs up to this point. Just as a starting point, can you give a little background about Mad Hawkes and how everything came to be? Sure! My name i

Incubus Continues To Put Their Longevity On Display With Live Show

There’s likely a song in Incubus’s long storied career that you can relate to on a personal level. Perhaps you used “Stellar” to mark how you felt about a significant other. Maybe you played “Drive” during that epiphany moment where one life choice brought you to a new horizon. The alternative rock, five-piece from Calabasas, Calif. has found a way to stick with their fans, no matter the age or the album cycle. You would think that a tour with Incubus and Jimmy Eat World would be a no-braine

Love and Euphoria Reigns Supreme Within Kaskade's Spring Fling

Not to say that there is some synchronicity between good music and weather, but as the beginning of Kaskade‘s two-night Spring Fling began at the Hammerstein Ballroom, the relatively gloomy weather began to clear up. Before the show, there were many fans  showing their appreciation via social media, whether it be through homemade signs or tattoos with Kaskade. In this new musical spectrum that we live in where fans have more access to a musician than ever before, personality is key. Fans wan

Linkin Park Sacrifices Signature Comfort For A More Uniform Sound With "One More Light"

All throughout the now 22-year history of Linkin Park, one thing has been certain. Fluidity through change. You can look back at their discography and point to specific instances. From the much beloved, rap-rock infused Hybrid Theory to the hard rock and angst The Hunting Party, the band have tried to retain some semblance of who they were while incorporating other types of popular music. In an interview on the Zach Sang show, lead singer/guitarist/pianist Mike Shinoda had mentioned that One

Sorority Noise: Onward and Upward

"Fource", a spoken word narrative off of It Kindly Stopped For Me is an unflinching depiction of Boucher's thoughts right after hearing word that a friend passed. "I was just walking through the woods and I found out that one of my friends had passed away, “ he remembers. “We were on our way to hang out at the Redwoods with the bands we were on tour with and I was in a really weird state. I was walking through the woods and tried to stop and write - I couldn't write because I was so shaken up. I

Interview: Jeremy DePoyster of The Devil Wears Prada

For almost eleven years, Dayton, Ohio’s own The Devil Wears Prada has been powering along the metalcore scene and as time went on, progressed into a band who has broken out of that mold. Their 2016 release, Transit Blues takes in all that they have learned and is one of their most musically accomplished albums to date. MEB writer/photographer M.J. Rawls caught up with guitarist/vocalist Jeremy DePoyster for an interview about their latest album, Transit Blues, the history of the band, life on

'Rings' Finds Itself Left Behind Like the Technology It Was Created From

When the original 2002 American adaptation of The Ring was released, it was the head wind of many J-Horror releases (The Grudge, Shutter) long before it became a parody of itself. Director Gore Verbinski was able to create an atmosphere within the film that both felt refreshing and intriguing – the notion that there’s a killer video that would bring about certain death in seven days was not so far fetched in its style over an abundance of gore. Skip ahead to Rings, which is held 13 years lat

Interview: Paul Jason Klein of LANY

Los Angeles, California three-piece LANY have made strides with their own flavor to the alternative rock scene. Starting off opening for acts such as Halsey and X Ambassadors, the band is making their on indent with their own ascetic, great songs, and a very dedicated and devoted fan base that is sure to grow when their first album is released this year. I caught up with lead singer Paul Jason Klein for an interview about the name of the band, their new album, and more. MEB: You guys kicked

Trailer Talk: Thoughts On 'Rings' and the Second Full Trailer

It’s hard to believe that we are almost 15 years past the original American adaptation of The Ring directed by Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl). The first movie did a really good job in fusing suspense with the folklore of the 1998 Japanese release, Ring – that used the visuals to enhance the creepiness instead of gratuitous violence or gore. After an lesser received sequel in 2005, The Ring Two was not well as well received and the franchise laid dorma

Ghost @ Kings Theatre

Ghost is a sight to see. A Ghost concert is like an even more theatrical version of Alice Cooper or King Diamond. I recall seeing Ghost for the first time at Lollapalooza 2013 — although seeing them in an early day time slot may not have been the most ideal viewing experience. The Swedish band ended their Popestar Tour with a sold-out show at the Kings Theatre — one of the most elegant venues in all of New York. In retrospect, the antique look of the venue almost fits perfectly to the aesthe

'Fast & Furious 8: The Fate of the Furious' : First Impressions

2015’s Furious 7 would have made the perfect send off for The Fast and The Furious franchise. With Paul Walker‘s unfortunate demise, the end of the movie wrapped up that story arch nicely (queue up Wiz Khalifa‘s “See You Again”). Nope, there are THREE more movies announced. Now, in defense, these movies have been getting progressively better as they go on fully embracing the action and heist movie spectacle. What is left for Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and the gang? The first full trailer w

Icon For Hire @ Webster Hall

From the days of gracing the Warped Tour stages to their latest headlining tour, Icon For Hire has been through quite a journey fighting for themselves and the creativity that they stand for. You Can’t Kill Us, the third full length from the Decatur, Illinois duo sees the band back fully independent – YCKU itself in result of a Kickstarter campaign that lead to the album’s inception.The title itself A perfect match of reciprocation between the love of the fans and the band who is literally p

Evanescence @ The Wellmont Theater

It’s been five years since Evanescence has released their last album and four years since the band has gone on tour. Since that time, lead singer/pianist Amy Lee has done music for the 2014 film, War Story and released her own EP of covers. Around November 2015, Evanescence performed in the Japan iteration of Ozzfest and some wondered if the band would return for new music – perhaps, this was another one off performance. Recently, there has been some signs of life in the Evanescence camp. Re

Kanye West's Coldest Winter

It was 2013 at the Madison Square Garden date of the Yeezus Tour. I sat in my seat awaiting the spectacle that I heard about throughout the social medial channels of the shows before. Kanye West brings Jesus out? There’s a huge pyramid-like structure? There was a second where I thought I was watching West’s own interpretation of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. You had the usual glitz and glamour, but there was one moment in particular that caught my attention. West began to sing the last song o

The King and Queen of Hearts Tour @ Madison Square Garden

For some people, music is a form of escapism, and for others, a rite of expression that can both repel the bad and enhance the good. Given the heavy-hearted election season, many needed that same medium to be an getaway — even if it was just for one night. Madison Square Garden was full of romantic couples, some maybe weeks into their union and some that had been together a long time before. This was the King and Queens of Hearts tour, co-headlined by R&B singers Maxwell and Mary J. Blige. B

Marian Hill / Verite / Shaed @ Webster Hall

Sensual. Seductive. Old school flavor. These are some of the things that come to mind when you think of Marian Hill’s debut album, Act One. In many ways, New York was primed for a show like this. This show in particular was like one of those nights in a club where an interesting person catches your eye. Maybe it’s their eyes, perhaps the aura about them, or even in the way they move — you just want to know more about their story. SHAED, a threepiece from twin brothers Max and Spencer Ernst a
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