This is Our America

Charlottsville, Virginia is a tragedy in a cycle of tragedies. Three people dead. Others injured in a heinous attack with a car from a white nationalist. For months, we've seen profiles of the alt-right like it was some appealing Maxim cover story. All of a sudden, racism and bigotry was paraded as the "other side of the conversation". Right, because racism is so misunderstood. We were just missing the point. There was a hashtag that was put out on Twitter after the rally happened that was used

American Gangster - The Return of Marcy's Hero

Everybody has dreams of leaving on their own terms. It's the touchdown that wins the game right before you ride off into the sunset. Hip-hop is a fluid, ever changing art form. With that, consistency is a virtue and prized possession. Even in modern times, the tide of change is an inevitability. An artist can release a record that takes to the masses and it not translate in album form. In order to stay in the minds of the masses, you have to elevate to raise the bar with every release. 003's Th

Walk On Water: Eminem's Relationship with Doubt

In the backdrop of Eminem's latest single, "Walk On Water," there's the sound that writers are all too familiar with. Sounds of ripped up paper that cuts like a knife through confidence. Divorcing itself from a notebook of thoughts that are deemed not good enough. There are the pressures of giving your thoughts into another person's hand and not having control of the outcome. As writers, we all go through periods of inner-conflict where the sentences just aren't right. The words just don't marry

What If You Split Up Batman & Superman and Developed the DCEU?

2016's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is widely regarded as the beginning of the downward spiral of the early DCEU. Call it trying to play catch up or attribute it to the "Amazing Spider Man 2" syndrome of trying to fit in too many plot points. While there were some good things, the main plot point was often distilled and meandered the impact of them. The ambition got in the way of execution. Imagine if you took both of these characters and further expanded the universe with their more sta

Wrestlemania 33 Recap

Well, it's another year and another Wrestlemania where Flo Rida is happy he got to do the theme song. Going into it, thoughts about the overall card were divided, but it all actuality - it turned out to be a decent show. A difference with this year is that the WWE has a surplus of talent to choose from. Wrestlemania 32 saw a surplus of injuries to talent, so they had to make the best show with what they had. Neville vs. Austin Aries for The Cruiserweight Championship: In all honesty, this match