NXT Takeover New Orleans: Top That!

Every time I think that NXT cannot top themselves with these takeover events, they prove me wrong. Here’s the thing – we all love the match quality on these cards, but I love these takeovers for different reasons. Tonight, Takeover New Orleans told compelling story mixed with their top matches. Everybody seemed to bring their A-game. Well, let’s get down to it. NXT North American Championship (Ladder Match) — Adam Cole, Velveteen Dream, EC3, Killian Dain, Lars Sullivan & Ricochet: NXT needs a s

Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Growing Up, Old Wounds, Same Old Spirit

Back in 2009, eight men and women who were total strangers moved into a house at the Jersey shore. From there, throughout six seasons, with departures, a new castmate, fights, relationships, and partying (oh my!), these same people fist pumped their ways into the pop culture lore. There were separate offshoots of the main show, but didn’t really capture the lightning in a bottle formula that the main show did. There was a brief reunion on the E! Network in 2017 called Reunion Road Trip: Return

Smackdown Live: We Made It To The Finish Line

Smackdown Live had the shorter build when it came to their Wrestlemania feuds. This episode didn’t necessarily add anything new to them, but just served as a stop gap as we head into Wrestlemania Sunday. Hug It Out: The WWE and the Smackdown brand’s main story line got saved with Daniel Bryan getting cleared and this segment was indication of that. After the months of tension between Bryan and Shane McMahon, they found common ground in becoming a tag team against the unemployed Sami Zayn and Ke

WWE Smackdown: Return of The 'Yes' Hero

“Fight for your dreams. Because if you fight for your dreams, your dreams will fight for you.”: Just in case you haven’t heard yet, Daniel Bryan is cleared to wrestle again. It was probably one of the best pieces of news in recent memory given on a Tuesday afternoon. Many of us wasn’t sure if he would ever step foot in an WWE ring again. Given the complexities and dangers of head injuries, maybe he shouldn’t have for his own safety. After all, Bryan does have a family now. Remember the March 10

5 Years of Evil Dead: A Relentless, Unforgiving Re-imaginating of the 1981 Original

Remakes of horror movies vary from instance to instance. Some may serve just as an updated adaptation of the original movie – perhaps just giving a more modern coat of paint. Others have some of the core in place, but take the story in a different direction. With audiences, these are hit or miss. Take a look at the polarizing view of 2010’s Nightmare on Elm Street. Sometimes going for a more gritty, insidious tone could sacrifice the overall heart of what made something great. 1981’s The Evil D

Red Sparrow Shines With Lawrence's Performance and Overall Plot Point, But Drags In Other Areas

Director Francis Lawrence and Jennifer Lawrence are no strangers to each other in the movie realm. Lawrence was behind the camera for the last three installments of the Hunger Games trilogy. There’s an evolution in Katniss Everdeen’s character that sees her become a heroine of a movement, but struggle with the emotional weight of that role. For there was triumph, there was a bout of grief or something taken away from her. Little did we know that familiarity was a primer for their spy thriller,

Ring of Honor's Manhattan Mayhem Returns To the Hammerstein Ballroom

Ring of Honor returned back to the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York for this year’s Manhattan Mayhem. Last year’s show made a big impression with the introduction of The Hardys and Bubba Ray/Bully Ray Dudley. This year brought a different set of challenges. Trent Beretta was injured and due to a noreaster a day before, SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Scorpio Sky) couldn’t be there due to flight cancellations. Still, the crowd was enthused. About 85% were dressed in

WWE Raw in Milwaukee: Let's Set Up Some Wrestlemania Matches

On this episode of Raw, we start solidifying some Wrestlemania feuds to get a better look at the card for New Orleans on the Raw side. Let’s get into it: Kurt Stands Up and Ronda Gets Rowdy: Finally….Kurt Angle has had enough. After being the punching bag for Triple H and Stephanie, he finally got fed up and stood up for himself. It’s about time. Who knew about these second contracts, but Angle put his bosses in a tag match. Who wouldn’t want to do that? The timing was off with the Ronda’s ann

WWE Raw in Anaheim: We're on to Wrestlemania!

Well, the Elimination Chamber is through and were are setting the pieces together for the Raw portion of Wrestlemania. Overall, this was an enjoyable episode of Raw. There were some good things, but then again, there were some puzzling things. Keep in mind, we do still have about six weeks to go to the big show. Hopefully, everything sorts itself out. Well, let’s get into the thick of things: John Cena and The Path of Wrestlemania: John Cena is in a peculiar predicament. He was THE guy for the

Dissension In The Bullet Club and The Return of The Golden Lovers: Inside One of Wrestling's Best Story Lines

As a fairly new New Japan Pro Wrestling fan, I got my proper introduction watching the promotion during Wrestle Kingdom 11 in 2017. It seems like that was a big starting off point for a lot of people. I had already had a vague familiarity with acts like AJ Styles, Finn Balor (then known as Prince Devitt), “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson, and Doc Gallows. Unless you’ve been living under a wresting world rock, the Kenny Omega vs. Kazuchika Okada match was one of the most highly regarded matches ever.

Smackdown Live: Still Walking In The Fog

It’s still amazing to see the quality drop of Smackdown Live from week to week. Some of the segments border on directionless. It’s a far cry from the show that many considered the “A” show of the WWE at one point. There is talent on the brand – that’s not really the issue. The main issue are the story lines that seem to be thrown together. Especially, when it’s consolidating a lot of that talent together. The WWE Title Picture: Last week, Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler were added to what would
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