NXT Takeover: Phoenix: Old Friends Reunite With A Conundrum At the Top of the NXT Card

NXT Takeover: Phoenix: Old Friends Reunite With A Conundrum At the Top of the NXT Card Let’s not even waste anyone’s time. We’ll get right into tonight’s full card. NXT Tag Team Championship | The Undisputed ERA vs. The War Raiders: This was a phenomenal opener ushering us into the Arizona edition of NXT Takeover. To start, the psychology of the match was great. Strong and O’ Reilly obviously were outmatched from a power perspective. So how did they counter that? Quick tags and double team off

WWE Smackdown: Return of The 'Yes' Hero

“Fight for your dreams. Because if you fight for your dreams, your dreams will fight for you.”: Just in case you haven’t heard yet, Daniel Bryan is cleared to wrestle again. It was probably one of the best pieces of news in recent memory given on a Tuesday afternoon. Many of us wasn’t sure if he would ever step foot in an WWE ring again. Given the complexities and dangers of head injuries, maybe he shouldn’t have for his own safety. After all, Bryan does have a family now. Remember the March 10

NXT Takeover Philadelphia: Keep Raising The Bar

The Undisputed Era vs Authors of Pain (NXT Tag Team Championship): This match was a lot what you would expect. It also telegraphed the main aura of this NXT Takeover: ring psychology.  Authors of Pain used their power and height advantage early against Fish and O’Reily. Towards the end, Fish and O’Reily used their speed and grounded Akam while targeting his leg. The contrast between the two teams played off really well and reDRagon ends up stealing the win with a roll up. Authors of Pain are pr

NXT Takeover New Orleans: Top That!

Every time I think that NXT cannot top themselves with these takeover events, they prove me wrong. Here’s the thing – we all love the match quality on these cards, but I love these takeovers for different reasons. Tonight, Takeover New Orleans told compelling story mixed with their top matches. Everybody seemed to bring their A-game. Well, let’s get down to it. NXT North American Championship (Ladder Match) — Adam Cole, Velveteen Dream, EC3, Killian Dain, Lars Sullivan & Ricochet: NXT needs a s

Smackdown Live: We Made It To The Finish Line

Smackdown Live had the shorter build when it came to their Wrestlemania feuds. This episode didn’t necessarily add anything new to them, but just served as a stop gap as we head into Wrestlemania Sunday. Hug It Out: The WWE and the Smackdown brand’s main story line got saved with Daniel Bryan getting cleared and this segment was indication of that. After the months of tension between Bryan and Shane McMahon, they found common ground in becoming a tag team against the unemployed Sami Zayn and Ke

WWE Raw in Milwaukee: Let's Set Up Some Wrestlemania Matches

On this episode of Raw, we start solidifying some Wrestlemania feuds to get a better look at the card for New Orleans on the Raw side. Let’s get into it: Kurt Stands Up and Ronda Gets Rowdy: Finally….Kurt Angle has had enough. After being the punching bag for Triple H and Stephanie, he finally got fed up and stood up for himself. It’s about time. Who knew about these second contracts, but Angle put his bosses in a tag match. Who wouldn’t want to do that? The timing was off with the Ronda’s ann

WWE Raw in Anaheim: We're on to Wrestlemania!

Well, the Elimination Chamber is through and were are setting the pieces together for the Raw portion of Wrestlemania. Overall, this was an enjoyable episode of Raw. There were some good things, but then again, there were some puzzling things. Keep in mind, we do still have about six weeks to go to the big show. Hopefully, everything sorts itself out. Well, let’s get into the thick of things: John Cena and The Path of Wrestlemania: John Cena is in a peculiar predicament. He was THE guy for the

Smackdown Live: Still Walking In The Fog

It’s still amazing to see the quality drop of Smackdown Live from week to week. Some of the segments border on directionless. It’s a far cry from the show that many considered the “A” show of the WWE at one point. There is talent on the brand – that’s not really the issue. The main issue are the story lines that seem to be thrown together. Especially, when it’s consolidating a lot of that talent together. The WWE Title Picture: Last week, Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler were added to what would

WWE RAW: Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta

The Shield Is Back: Let’s address the elephant in the room first. Yes, The Shield have returned. Roman Reigns even got some cheers – look at that! You see those shirts? Definitely are going to sell out. The teases up to this point were great and the payoff was one of the hottest openings on Raw in a long time. The match at TLC is a little murky – why is Braun Strowman just thrown into a match?  The Miz and The Bar could have been enough. This is the guy who was just challenging Brock Lesnar for

WWE Monday Night RAW: How About That Promo?

“Let’s Shoot, Cowboy”: Let’s get right into it and talk about the interaction between Roman Reigns and John Cena. Unfortunately, WWE elected to kill off Talking Smack where The Miz cut memorable promos at the expense of Daniel Bryan. WWE needs more segments like this – passionate and blur the lines between work and shoot. John Cena brought out the best promo from Roman Reigns in years. Both men sounded like a conduit for fan frustrations in their own way. Reigns = “John Cena is a part-timer tha

WWE Raw: Rumbling, Bumbling, Stumbing Into Summerslam

Sayanara To Brock?: Given recent events concerning a potential UFC super fight between Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar, are we looking at the end of the Beast in the WWE? From Paul Heyman’s opening promo, it sounds like it. Heyman sure painted Lesnar as the under dog going into the fatal-four way. The cherry on top, being that both Heyman and Lesnar will be leaving the WWE if Lesnar loses? The three way fight between Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, and Samoa Joe – it seemed like we got the Summerslam

WWE RAW: The Road To GBOF, Makeups to Breakups and You Can't Teach That

We are coming off a rather rocky version of Raw. The Brock Lesnar/Samoa Joe confrontation was done well, but the show was rather lukewarm. This weeks episode of Raw did have some good m​moments where they developed feuds for the Great Balls of Fire PPV in July (I still can’t believe I’m calling it that) including a good swerve at the end. However, there were still some head scratches. Roman Reigns Announcement | Match vs. Samoa Joe: What do you do when your universal champion is not on Raw ever
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