The Illusion of the Celebrity Savior

In the evening hours of last night, Kanye West announced that he was running for president. This sent many people in a frenzy. Is he running? Are we in a climate as to where there is a pathway of him winning? Is this all hullaballoo? This proclamation from West probably sounds familiar because it is. West declared that he was running for president in 2015 in his Vanguard award acceptance speech that was ironically presented to him by Taylor Swift. A full year ahead of that election and what happ

Z' Cautions About An Imaginary Friend Gone Bad, But Hints At Something More Sinister

At first glance, Z takes on the look like your conventional child-is-haunted by an unnamed entity horror movie. Directed by Brandon Christensen, the movie follows the Parsons family, Kevin (Sean Rogerson), Beth (Keegan Connor Tracy), and their song, Josh (Jett Klyne). Everything seems to be for them – a beautiful house and a fun-loving family unit to boast. If you are familiar with any horror movie, this arrangement is way too good to be true. This is until Josh starts playing with an imaginary

‘Downtime’ Presents A Quick and Classic Feeling Episode That Blurs the Lines Between Real and Artificial

The J.G. Dillard directed and Jordan Peele written ‘Downtime’ is a central narrative-based sprint. In most of the first season of the revived CBS iteration, many of the episodes offered a critique on current events. Every once in a while, it’s nice to pull back from that and dive into the more sci-fi character elements. It’s something that the original series balanced fairly well and ‘Downtime’ drops the audience into its story immediately. We meet Michelle (Morena Baccarin), a newly promoted m

Waiting On My Turn To Feel Patriotic

Honestly, I don’t even know how to respond to that. Depending on what side of the country you live in, it may feel like you’ve been living through a continuous loop of the 4th of July. One of the lynchpins of the holiday, fireworks, has been ringing off on a nightly basis. This year’s edition of Independence Day is going to look vastly different. Sure, hot dogs and burgers are going to be cooked. The beaches are going to be crowded - well, maybe you don’t share a huge beach towel or that food pl

Twilight Zone’s ‘Meet in the Middle’ Shows the Spendor and Delusions of Human Connectivity

Due to the ongoing pandemic, let’s just say human interaction is altered for the time being. Handshakes and hugs have been substituted for Zoom meetings and Netflix watch parties. Who knows how long will it go? As much as we entrench ourselves in a more digital background, the craving for shared human emotion will always be a prevalent thing. The first episode of CBS’ revival of The Twilight Zone, ‘Meet Me In The Middle’ tries to tackle this very notion within a 40-minute container. How far woul

Haviah Mighty Is A Force For Change Within A Time That Needs It

In a time where the winds of major social change are shifting foundations across the world, strong voices are as needed as they have ever been. Toronto born rapper and 2019 Polaris Prize-winning Haviah Mighty is just one of the few who are using theirs to elevate those who don’t feel heard. Her first album, 13th Floor is ladened with both unbridled intelligence and confidence. Mighty’s lyrical prowess weaves in and out of topics such as racism, navigating self-esteem, and finding her strength as

Wrestling Community, Let’s Talk

Like many wrestling fans, I’ve been horrified to see the many stories and allegations that have been told by women, men, and non-binary wrestlers alike during the #SpeakingOut movement. When you’re a younger wrestling fan, you tend to look at things like you do in comic books. The bad guys take advantage and often cheat to win. One day, the good guy comes and overcomes everything and we cheer and celebrate. When you get older, the veil starts to come down a bit. You still see some of the beauty,

The Twilight Zone’s ‘Replay’ Is A Timely Episode About the ‘Monsters’ of Racism and Police Brutality

The Twilight Zone has built clever and thought-provoking critiques of society since it’s inception. Who could even forget the classic episode, “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street?“ Aliens manipulated a simple thing such as a small town’s power supply and out came mankind’s ugliness towards each other. The punchline was that we were the monsters all along. Things such as racism and classicism bring out the worst qualities within us. Right now as I type this, America has been staring at its pas

Thursday Morning Headlock | June 18th Edition

Welcome to the first edition of the Thursday Morning Headlock. Let’s discuss some NXT, AEW, and whatever comes to mind in the wrestling world — shall we? NXT Tag Picture Logjam: The Breezango v. Imperium match was solid. Fandango was the star of the match. The ending came off a little sloppy, but I did not foresee Imperium giving up the titles just yet. The men’s tag team division is pretty full. You have Indus Sher, Lorcan/Burch, Breezango, and Imperium. Another interesting, seemly random pai

'On the Record' Is A Compelling Watch That Gives Black Women A Voice Within MeToo

The ‘Me Too’ movement has its beginnings in 2006. It was first as a viral hashtag on My Space by activist/creator Tarana Burke. This was done to create a community around women of color who had been victims of sexual assault. Many people in the world have come to know the movement around #MeToo’s 2017 resurgence concerning Harvey Weinstein. Actress Alyssa Milano encouraged other women to speak out about their experiences. During the opening of the On The Record, Burke speaks about how Black wome

'It's Happening, Penny Lane': Ten Years of Drake's 'Thank Me Later'

“Here’s the thing with Drake. The verdict is really still out. They’re sharing the torch with your now. They’re not passing it. Kanye [West], Jay [Z], and [Lil] Wayne are by no means passing it. What are you going to do with it?” – Sway – ‘Better Than Good Enough (2010) 170 million records sold. Four Grammy awards. Tied with Madonna for the most top ten hits on the Billboard 100. Since the 2010 release of his debut album, Thank Me Later, Drake has become one of the biggest artists of all time.

Batman Begins At 15: The Start Of A Legendary Trilogy

In a trilogy world whereexists, I feel thatis not talked about enough in being one of the great superhero origin films. After the extreme campiness of 1997’sthe franchise needed a definite restructuring. Christopher Nolan, who was coming off a directorial run of 2000’sand 2002’s, was the perfect choice to usher in a Batman who was steeped in realism and less in the high glitz of the past. The heart of 2005’s Batman Begins is that the Gotham in the movie could exist anywhere. It’s a slow rot fro

To Play Or Not To Play?

Throughout our history, sports have always been seen as either a needed distraction or a unifier. Think of the Yankees 2001 World Series run during the aftermath of 9/11 or the New Orleans Saints’ first game back in the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina. Seeing men and women compete and showcase the best part of themselves helps us take our minds away from the everyday muck. For two or three hours at a time, we put our aspirations and disappointments on these highly intelligent and gifted athlet

Tick Tock: NXT/June 10th Edition

The best thing that the NXT television edition did for me was to get me excited about the brand’s future. One of the prevailing criticisms of the black and gold is that wrestlers often overstay their welcome. To the point, where they often lose the shine that they grow into. NXT’s cupboard is full — while that may be a good problem to have from a personnel standpoint, it’s bad for the talent. However, post-In-Your-House, we have some intriguing storylines in place that will lead us into Summersl

'8:46' Is Dave Chappelle's Unadulterated and Emotional Stream of Consciousness On Current Events

Within the many antidotes and tie-ins that Dave Chappelle dropped inside his almost 30-minute surprise special, there was one that got me. Chappelle was speaking about the late Travyon Martin and with mentioning George Zimmerman, he says that he hates the ‘idea of him.’ Racism is a pervasive concept that has been passed on like a generational bedtime story. It’s interwoven within the strands of DNA that make up America. Given the state of COVID-19, we are in a place where we can’t seek an escape

Follow The Leader

The First Amendment, within the Bill of Rights protects your right to assemble and express your views through protest. During the Revolutionary War, there was a display of protest in 1773 called the Boston Tea Party. This is where men who called themselves the ‘Sons of Liberty’ boarded ships and dumped tea into the harbor in retaliation of the 1773 Tea Act. (Those same men were dressed in Native American garb which is most certainly racist) That one instance notably gets a spotlight, but did you

Say Her Name

Tomorrow, June 6th would have been Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday. I hate that I’m even writing about her in the past tense. Taylor was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She was an EMT that resided in Louisville, Kentucky who was also on the frontlines of COVID-19. After midnight on March 13th, Taylor and her boyfriend Kenneth Walker were sleeping in their bedroom. According to Kentucky state law, they have something called a no-knock warrant which allows officers to enter homes without announcing

#BlackoutTuesday Is Over. The Work Needs To Continue.

Yesterday, I was happy to see the unity of many who had participated in #BlackoutTuesday. Many people came together to share information on where to donate to causes. Things such as Black literature, names of black-owned businesses, and the works of Black creatives were also amongst other things distributed. Non-Black people were listening and took an invested interest in how to use their platforms and to better educate others. A lot of people had their hearts in the right place. Because we liv

How Many More?

To be a black person in America is to accept the underlying companion of survival mode. It’s there when we wake up, when we leave our homes, and when we try to make a living. As we enter boardrooms, department stores, and engage in recreational activities - it meets us with a sly grin. Even when you work to engage with things like success and happiness, you are one instance away from being attached to it again. Our reward - our penance is survival. Instead of listening, black people are met wit

Systemic Racism Is Neither A Self-Inflicted Nor A Self-Correcting Wound

During the 2016 NFL season, then San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem to protest police brutality. Even though retired Green Beret Nick Boyer convinced Kaepernick to take a knee and not sit - backlash ensued. Kaepernick has yet to find employment in the NFL after that season. Despite the right to protest guaranteed by the constitution, the President of the United States said of players who chose to exercise that right to '“get that son of a bit
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