‘Creepshow’ Excels In Streaming Format, Providing Fun Callbacks and Intriguing Premises

The first shot we see in the Shudder revival of Creepshow is the crate from the 1982 horror-comedy anthology film directed by the late and great George Romero. Soon after, an animatronic model of “The Creep” greets you with a whole assortment of comics and tales. With the current onslaught of remakes and reboots fighting to grab the attention of the limited time we all have, it was only fitting for Creepshow to find its way into a streaming format. Revered for its ability to merge the worlds of comedy and horror from some of the genre’s greatest minds, Shudder has provided a platform for a new generation.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace Premiere Starts From The Incident Then Works Backwards

The first season of American Crime Story which chronicled The People v. O. J. Simpson approached the 1994 murder trial from both a micro and macro view. It not only took a look at O.J. Simpson’s thought process, but the many elements around him as well. Ryan Murphy’s then new venture was successful because there was a wealth of story behind it. It also told the story of the trial in a way that was fresh, given that there were many documentaries on the subject. The Assassination of Gianni Versac

Black Mirror's "Hang The DJ" Proves That Fate, Love, and Algorithms Can Mix

To quote 1942’s Casablanca, “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.” The views on finding love has changed in a technology-dominated society. We have apps like Tinder where people fill out a very antiquated biography about themselves, put on their best faces, and hope for the best. Within this built in world, people carry around a “coach.” It’s an A.I./Siri operated tablet that oversees the system and matches people based on compatibility and variability.

Black Mirror's "Arkangel" Addresses The Dangers of Over Parenting, But The Dangers Are Already Familiar

Even through an ever changing society, the need for parents to be protective over their children is ever so present. The challenges are different – children has access to so much more due to the boom of social media. With the inclusion of technology, how does one keep their child safe without being invasive? At some point, the bird has to leave the nest. What happens when the child only knows the nest and is suddenly introduced to a world they aren’t familiar with? “Arkangel” is the result of a

Black Mirror's "Metalhead" Sets A Minimalist Tone Within A Post-Apocalyptic Backdrop

in watching the Black Mirror series, you are expecting bells and whistles. The twist and turns. The shocking conclusion. “Metalhead” is a departure from the conventional. You are immediately dropped into a bleak, black-and-white world. How did it get to this point? “Metalhead” makes it a point to be in the present moment mixed in with equal parts anxiety. The episode starts of with three people, Bella (Maxine Peake), Tony (Clint Dyer), and Clarke (Jake Davies) who are on a mission. You don’t kn

Black Mirror, 'Crocodile' Shows Us That Deadly Secrets Don't Always Stay Hidden

What would you do if the life you have now is threatened by a choice that you made in the past? Would you kill to keep it? What lengths would you go to keep a secret? “Crocodile,” the third episode in the fourth season of Black Mirror asks that very question. As With most Black Mirror episodes, there’s an urgency within a technological danger. For this particular episode, technology is only an inhibitor to some already bad choices and anxiety. “Crocodile” enters with characters Mia (Andrea Ri

‘The Last Jedi’ Chooses New Possibilities and Asks New Questions of A Tale We Know and Love

2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens and 2016’s Rogue One brought the Star Wars lore back into the forefront for a newer generation. Both movies were able to push story lines forward both from the past and present. One of the criticisms of The Force Awakens is that in some aspects, it played too close to the heartbeat of 1977’s A New Hope. Within Lucasfilm, there has been a well chronicled aesthetic that they are looking for when it comes to Star Wars movies. Rogue One, where Gareth Edwards may h

AYFOTD Retro Review: “The Tale of the Captured Souls”

On August 15th, 1992, Nickelodeon debuted Are You Afraid of The Dark on their Saturday night lineup, SNICK. It’s been more than 20 years, but you can still remember the eerie opening crawl and kids wanting to start their own Midnight Society. Throughout October, Deadscreen will be looking at episodes from the first three seasons. A lot of this is looking back in retrospect, but some of these stories were actually scary as a kid. To set things up on “The Tale of the Captured Souls,” Danny and he

The Gifted: S1E2: “rX”

Within the world of The Gifted, it’s a very tough paradox for humans. One of the things that draws you into to the show is the timeliness of the overall story line. Almost ripped from the current headlines, the “X-Men” conundrum is an ultimate quest for civil rights. Again, the “incident” was eluded to that made mutants public enemies. “rX” mostly dealt with Clarice’s injuries and her inability to control her powers at that time, but there are deeper issues that come into play. The episode show

American Horror Story: Cult : 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark' Seems Like An All Too Familiar Story Line

You ever have a traumatic experience happen to you so bad that it feels like everything in the world is working against you? In previous seasons of American Horror Story, there was a build towards a bigger world with a fixed number of characters telling a story. The shows tried to cram a lot of material into a finite amount of time. With Cult, it seems like Ally (Sarah Paulson) has a Truman Show-like quality to her world. The environment and events get triggered based on how her fear reacts to

Preacher Season 2 Premiere Part 2, 'Mumbai Sky Tower,' Raises the Stakes

Read M.J. Rawls’ review of Part 1 of the Preacher Season 2 Premiere here. “Mumbai Sky Tower” starts in the very bombastic, action-driven fashion that “On The Road” did. This time, it sets up the overall arc of how the episode takes shape: Jesse (Dominic Cooper) and Genesis. Much to Jesse’s dismay, the voice of Genesis does not work to sway the Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish). Jesse, who has used Genesis in an almost flippant fashion in the past, learns of a horrible caveat to it. The trio al

Preacher Season 2 Premiere Part 1 Takes the Show on the Road

A lot of people, including myself, were wondering when Preacher was going to go on the road trip portion of the show. The first season felt like an introduction to the world full of gore, some laughs and grit. It was in a style where both fans of the comic and newcomers could both enjoy it, but now we are getting into a little bit more of the heart of the story. God is missing, and it’s up to our trio to find him. The episode starts with Jesse (Dominic Cooper), Tulip (Ruth Negga), and Cassidy (

The Leftovers Season 3 Premiere Shows You Can Visit the Past and Future for Puzzle Pieces

Miracles. Unexplained phenomena. Humans cling to explanations that seem the most irrational when extravagant things occur and shake the very foundation to which they live to the core. The Leftovers TV series, which is making its final rounds in a short third season, which was already in a rabbit hole of mystery and intrigue, seems to do that again…with time jumps. That sound familiar? Well, if you watched a little show called Lost, then you would be more than acquainted with the Damon Lindelof s

Dave Chappelle: Deep in the Heart of Texas is the Special We Were Waiting For

Many fans – like me were biding their time to get a new Dave Chappelle special. After all, his last one was 2004’s For What It’s Worth. We are all familiar with the story of the falling out of season three of Chappelle Show, Chappelle’s recusal of the spotlight and eventual return to the stand up stage. He’s past it, so let’s go forward as well. When the news hit of a three special deal with Netflix, excitement jumped through the roof. Does the comedian still have the magic that kept fans intens

Legion: S1E2: “Chapter 2”

Are you still trying to untie your mind from the knots of Legion’s first episode? Well, good, because the second episode slows down the tempo and does it focus on David Haller’s backstory. I was with the “Chapter 1” not going too in depth with it because as we forge into David’s psyche, you had to figure that more of the mystery was going to be investigated. The opening takes us to Summerland, that is a place where mutants have gathered that is a parallel to the X-Mansion in the overall X-Men s

Legion: S1E1: “Chapter 1”

The first episode of Legion starts with a montage of David Charles Haller’s (Dan Stevens) childhood while The Who‘s “Happy Jack” plays in the background. We see a tranquil, civil childhood of Haller that devolves into chaos and a suicide attempt. Everything is about perspective – the one way that you see the world could be completely different from someone else. Legion challenges the notion of perception not only within the X-Men universe, but in general. The starting narrative of the show does

Santa Clarita Diet: S1E1: “So Then a Bat or a Monkey”

When you think of zombies in a traditional sense, you think of the decaying skin or in some recent cases, a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire named Lucille. Instead of the Resident Evil, Dead Rising-esque way we usually picture the undead – what if a zombie was the typical neighbor next door? For that, Santa Clarita Diet gives you a look on how a family would handle such affliction. A little less Walking Dead, but a little more dark humor like Zombieland. The Hammonds consist of Sheila (Dre
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